What Happens When You Take Full Responsibility of Your Life

What Happens When You Take Full Responsibility of Your Life

Indecision can be debilitating, preventing us from moving forward in our lives. What do we need to do to keep from drifting? Do you have a purpose, or a passion in life?  To make it real, you need to make a commitment to move forward. What steps should you take? Interesting article!

At Lenox, we help you discover your strengths and how you can put them to work to create and build wealth. It’s a powerful difference in working with Lenox. Using leading-edge assessment tools, we explore your gifts and identify opportunities to leverage and create value around them… guiding you to the career and lifestyle choices that help drive financial success. We help you FUND A LIFE YOU LOVE® Call us today!

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How to Become World Class at What You Do

Nine steps to become world class at what you do! A different way of looking at things may have a big impact on how we perform. We can get locked into same old mindset when instead we need to look outside the box and do things a little bit differently. A new mindset will make all the difference.

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Karen Wellington Foundation Non-Profit of the Month

The Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer

They're not your ordinary cancer foundation. Nope. Not at all. Their focus is on FUN. Fun NOW, to be specific. They  put FUN on the calendars of women and families LIVING with breast cancer – women with calendars full of chemo and radiation treatments, doctors’ appointments, tests, and more tests. Not-fun-stuff. Their Recipients are special ladies and families who are not done LIVING yet. They send them on family vacations, relaxing spa days, dinners out, concerts, road trips and other FUN-ONLY activities .

They’re God-led, Friend-fueled, FUN-focused and, make no mistake about it, Girl-powered! They’re a growing group of friends in eight chapters throughout the US. Friends who know how to have fun and, more importantly, get excited about giving FUN to others.

What started as Karen's dream to send one family each year on a special vacation once she beat cancer has blossomed! Over the past ten years they have sent more than 250 special ladies on important vacations, provided more than 150 spa days and other crazy gifts of FUN. In 2016 alone, they sent 70 families on vacation! They hope to do even more in 2017.

They rely on the generosity of people to donate a week a year of their vacation homes or timeshares, airline miles or cash. Their Giving Committee leverages this generosity, connects the dots, and makes some magic happen. Before it’s too late. #FunNow!

How Can You Help?

NOMINATE a woman LIVING with breast cancer for some FUN:

DONATE a week of your vacation home, time share or airline miles:

DONATE cash and FUN!

Visit our website:

10 Sunday Night Productivity Rituals

It's Sunday night and you know you have a big week ahead. In fact, you may be a bit anxious of what tomorrow will bring. Ever wonder what you could do to make Monday morning and the rest of the week go smoother? Relax, plan ahead, look at logistics for the week. Believe it or not, how you spend you Sunday could affect the outcome of your week.  Take a look!

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Mark Cuban Predicts the No. 1 Job Skill in 10 Years

Creative thinking? Is that a major? Perhaps a Liberal Arts degree. Presently, we are set up with large corporate America and many re-occrruing tasks. Business is evolving and, likewise, we need to also. Robots and technology will replace the employees doing these tasks. Thinking from a different perspective, viewing things from another angle is what the need will be.

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9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You

9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You

Ever think some of your devices may be a little too intuitive? The devices we bring in our home have the potential to see our lives from their side and pass on the information. How do they do this? Mostly through their internet capabilities. The good news? There are fixes to prevent just how much these products know about us.  For starters, pull out your owner's manual  to change you default settings.

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It's Too Late for Trump to Stop this Financial Rule

It's Too Late for Trump to Stop this Financial Rule


15 years ago we left UBS, a broker dealer, to become a fee only fiduciary to ensure we always kept our employee’s and client’s interests completely aligned. With every third party relationship we enter, the first question we ask is, “Will this hurt our Fiduciary status?”. One of our core beliefs is that a broker dealer licensing agreement, even fully disclosed, threatens the fiduciary relationship. It means that the broker dealer charges fees that neither the advisor or the client can see easily. More recently, we have seen a new version of fee only advisor enter the industry that recruits advisors by paying them large upfront payments. Although they claim to be fee only, they own a broker dealer on the platform and use cash flow from the broker dealer to fund the upfront payments. We need to fix this problem once and for all. The consumer deserves an open and honest fiduciary relationship when they get advice. 

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Why Smart People Don't Multitask

Always thought Multitasking was a real talent? Think again. Research shows how multitasking can affect your brain function and lead to less productivity and possible longterm effects on your brain. Take a look.

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Want to Be Successful? Start Setting Embarrassingly Smaller Goals

At the start of the year, or perhaps with an important event approaching, we use this as incentive to better ourselves. Perhaps it is a habit we want to change, or a professional or personal goal we want to achieve.  Making the goal too large can become overwhelming and daunting. But, if we downside the goal and we conquer each small step, our confidence builds and the momentum grows.

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Lighthouse Youth Services Non-Profit of the Month

Lighthouse Youth Services is dedicated to providing the best services and compassionate care to children, youth and families in need. Founded in 1969, Lighthouse now serves 6000 children, youth and families each year. The agency is a nationally recognized innovator in services for youth and families in crisis, foster care and adoption, mothers and babies, homeless youth and young adults, and youth involved with the juvenile justice system. Lighthouse also provides opportunities for learning and achievement for all students as well as housing options for young adults learning to become self-sufficient.

During the past 47 years, thousands of young people on the streets have reached out to Lighthouse Youth Services for help. And Lighthouse is always there. Now Lighthouse is leading the effort to end youth homelessness in our community by 2020. Together we can give our young people who are homeless a way out of despair and give them hope for building a new independent life.

Construction began in June 2016 on a four-story 65,000 square foot housing and service complex for homeless youth. The building on Iowa Avenue in Walnut Hills will include 28 individual shelter bedrooms, 39 apartments, a resource center, health care facilities, and a street outreach team. Construction is expected to be completed in December 2017.

Volunteers are a vital part of Lighthouse. The agency couldn’t fulfill its mission; to advance the dignity and well-being of children, youth and families in need, without volunteers. There’s a lot you can do. We offer a variety of creative ways you can make a real difference. Daytime, evening and weekend opportunities are available.

To learn more:, Twitter and Instagram: @brighter_lives,

Facebook: @LighthouseYouthServices